Autonomy & Community

An investigating seminar by Miles Kessler

16 – 18 november 2018, Dortmund.

Again I joined a seminar with Miles Kessler, aikido and meditation teacher. This time in Dortmund, were it was his 8th time he gave a seminar here.

The saturday-event left me with a deep impression. In the first part there was a focus on autonomy. Being autonomous as a person, connected from one’s center to the center of the earth. We did excersices of subtle touching, giving direction. Only to give the receiver a more centered feeling. From there we worked towards yokomen uchi with several techniques, emphasizing the connection between nage and uke. Without connection there is no need for technique. Both nage and uke keep their autonomy, making the martial dance aikido possible.

In the second part, there was a great emphasis on being fully connected, while moving. Small, then spacious again. This moving, with music in the background, is really a martial dance. It feels librating, both as uke and nage. And it revolves in techniques. It is true jiu waza.
After two days of practice with Miles I feel opened up. My senses, my energy, my whole body.

Liberating, life. Aikido is life. Through aikido I feel alive. Thank you Miles. And thank you Sabine Spatz for organizing and Bettina for your hospitality!

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